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Leapp wished to develop their brand- and visual identity to distinguish themselves in an expanding market of refurbished Apple products. Our aim was to shift the brand from product-oriented to relationship-oriented.

Sister Insight

Buying a refurbished device is not only smart for your wallet but also better for the environment. Leapp makes renewed, the new standard for everyone who loves tech, but loves the world even more. Our brand statement: ’Switch on a better world’ can not empower your customers more.


We chose relatable models in photography and created a doodle style to visualise the product benefits for the client in a friendly clear way rather than listing difficult tech specs. Adding expressive colours and charm in the tone of voice, we created a style with a human touch. Leapp communications look less ‘tech’, more accessible and personal. All this sums up in the payoff: Too good to be New.


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Brand manual


Key visuals

The text balloons show our customer’s thoughts. Instead of listing the technical specs, we allow our customers to experience what these features can bring to their individual lives.

Whether we’re developing tools to make life easier,
sharing relevant content or creating communities people want to be part of,
we do it all with a charm that’s contagious.