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Sister is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. We work with national and international brands, and we can take a project from concept through to execution. Or we can help you with one of the steps along the way. 

We collaborate with a strong, trusted network of senior creative entrepeneurs whose knowledge and experience span different disciplines. Each time we take on a project, we call on the Sisters best suited to telling your story. We’re flexible, dedicated, and prefer short lines of communication. Work with us and you won’t need to deal with multiple account managers or intermediaries before you can speak to your creative team. By keeping the direct line open, we can help you achieve your ambitions at a competitive price.

for charming brands

Sister was founded in 2007 by a team of women. As female creatives, we felt that more could be done to respond to the needs of women. We developed our philosophy of charm marketing based on the feminine values of humanity, warmth, and presence (being there for your consumer). We believe these values have the power to connect to people and create meaningful relationships. If your brand wants to make a positive impact and contribute to a better world — let’s talk! 

Meet the Sisters

The name Sister says it all. We care. We connect. We speak our truth. 

We encourage long-term relationships based on shared values. We love finding creative ways to communicate with different audiences. And we will never put our egos before your cause. We work for brands who share our values so that we can continue to do our work with enthusiasm and commitment.


Valentine Kreykamp - Sister.png

Owner/Creative Director

Valentine Kreykamp

Walks her talk with a creative and (pretty) sustainable

After more than two hectic decades working in TV and advertising, Valentine realised she needed a more conscious way of living. She changed her lifestyle to healthy, set her mind to meditation, her diet to vega, and started to teach yoga classes alongside her creative work. Ever curious and adaptive to the changing world, she’s ready to wield her creative experience to make a difference.

Marianne van Leeuwen - Sister.png


Marianne van Leeuwen

A lover of tech who harnesses the power of data to uncover marketing gold. 

Marianne’s is continuously working on technology designed to improve the marketing profession. A true data cruncher, data driven marketing is her latest love.

Ilona van Laarschot.png

Copywriter (NL)

Ilona van de Laarschot

Committed to creating for optimistic brands and innovative thinkers. 

Ilona creates ideas that matter. She writes moving brand statements and develops stories you want to share. After work, she loves nothing more than to be Wi-Fi Free.

Helen Buijs - Sister.png

Art direction

Helen Buijs

Flying the flag for fresh concepts, clean designs and a clean earth.

Helen makes brands beam with confidence and creates logos that shine with character. She doesn’t stop until her campaigns have that flair that everyone is after. She loves brands who have good intentions.

Anneke van de Watering - Sister.png

Copywriter (NL)

Anneke van de Watering

The writer who knows what it takes: Stay curious.
Stay inspired.

Like many copywriters, Anneke loves to strategise. From politics to food, she has an opinion about most things. Her empathy, flexibility and 'je ne sais quoi' ensure that everyone goes home happy.


Digital designer

Marieke Kuijl

Making an impact with a strong maxim: Be Bold or Italic. Never Regular.

Marieke is a first-generation Digital Designer. Her designs are intuitive and precise. She balances the bold with a feminine touch, and her love of details shines through in every pixel-perfect creation. Marieke also throws the wheel, creating handmade ceramics to stay grounded. Namaste.

Ingeborg Huisman - Sister.png

allround designer

Ingeborg Huisman

 ‘Simplicity rules’ for the lady who always keeps the idea alive.

Whether it’s on- or offline, Ingeborg is quick to find solutions to problems. From ads to art work. From image retouching to DTP. Her motto is simple: keep the idea alive.



Naomi den Besten

Less but better.
Designed with purpose. 

A thoughtfully designed brand and website mirrors the quality of your work. I design for purpose driven individuals and companies to help elevate their products and services. Keep it simple, less but better.



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Communication is in our nature.
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And we will never put our egos before your cause.