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Make Verstegen top of mind in the world of spices. Create a new strategy, brand identity and apply it in various online- and offline communications and activations for their various brands: Vertegen Spices and Sauces, Kumar's and Mesa Mexicana.

Sister Insight

Consumers have changing needs when it comes to cooking; from hobby to culinary, quick cooking or easy or opt for conscious cooking. We believe that with a little help everyone can cook and created the pay-off: With Verstegen you’ll find your inner CHEF.


With Verstegen everyone can put something special on the table every day. That promise respires everywhere. From a simple shelf strip to promotions, advertisements, website, tools and an exhibition stand.

The concept ‘find the chef in you’ aims to help homecooks upgrade their daily meals to culinairy heights. In print this shows how Verstegen can help you turn the ordinary into something culinary. Online we give small tips and tricks on how to personalise your dish.


Brand strategy | Website | Adds & advertorials | App | Tool | Campaign | Exibition Design | Banners





Positioning and design are all focussed on giving small tips and tricks that make people’s dish their own.



Campaign & tool

Spices are a low involvement product. So we created a high involvement service around it: the outdoor dinner planner. The first online tool which made it really easy to organise a picnic or an outside dinner with friends. You could invite your friends, organise who brings and cooks what and add a location with just a few clicks.


Exhibition design

Whether we’re developing tools to make life easier,
sharing relevant content or creating communities people want to be part of,
we do it all with a charm that’s contagious.